Computer sticky notes

Computer Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Freeware - Computer Sticky Notes Free

Organize information using computer sticky notes
Sticky notes freeware helps you keep all information you have to remember on the desktop of your computer and manage your time in a more efficient way. Stop wasting time and money! Now you don't need to purchase paper notes or use big text editors and PIMs to write down quick information, important dates and events. Just create a computer sticky note and stick it on your computer desktop

Choose individual appearance for each sticky note
The appearance of sticky notes is highly customizable - you can create, edit and print virtual sticky notes using different fonts and colors, set up default settings for newly created sticky notes, use pictures as notes background and more...

Sticky notes freeware for Windows makes it easy to keep all information you have to remember on the computer desktop.
With sticky notes freeware you can organize information or just write down ideas and thoughts using computer sticky notes. That way important information will never be lost.
Sticky notes freeware for home and office.

Sticky notes freeware

Organizing sticky notes on the desktop
Sticky notes freeware is the best solution for quickly recording information you want to remember without cluttering up your desk with scraps of paper. Computer sticky notes will not clutter up your desk and monitor and disturb your work as you can create sticky notes with different priorities, hide sticky notes or place them on the desktop, show only sticky note's title and use transparency effect.
You can arrange computer sticky notes software on your desktop in a cascade or minimize all notes organizer with one simple click.

The position of every sticky note on the screen is changeable.

Send sticky notes
You can send desktop sticky notes to friends and colleagues over LAN or the Internet. The notes will appear on their desktop just as they were on yours.
Using the "Network Settings" you can set up if you want to receive all incoming notes, be asked about receiving a note every time somebody sends you a note, deny all incoming notes.

Handy features to simplify your work - accelerate your work with sticky notes using hotkeys
- lock sticky notes to prevent unauthorized use
- import txt and rtf files to sticky notes
- save sticky notes in txt and rtf formats
- save sticky notes as pictures
- export and import notes database
- print desktop notes and take them with you;

Sticky Notes Freeware - Computer Sticky Notes Free - Free Sticky Notes for Windows

Sticky notes default settings
Change the color of individual sticky notes
Change the font of individual sticky notes
Change the font color of individual sticky notes
Change the border of sticky notes
Change sticky notes transparency
Change sticky notes size

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