Sticky Notes

Electronic sticky notes

Electronic sticky notes software is the best solution for everyone who needs to keep important information such as quick notes, addresses, phone numbers and web links in one place. Electronic sticky notes will be useful during a meeting, lecture, searching information on the Internet, and more.

Electronic sticky notes let you keep and organize your ideas easier and faster than ever.
You can create unlimited number of electronic sticky notes which can easily keep information of any size from a few sentences to a few pages of text.
You can organize your electronic sticky notes according to their content, and then, if necessary, transfer your notes into the integrated full-featured word processor.

Electronic sticky notes are always with you - you can easily create sticky notes any time you need to jot something down. They could have different colors, fonts and sizes.

Electronic sticky notes provides quick access to memos, web urls, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords and more. No need to clutter your desk or computer desktop with paper sticky notes or search through folders and files on your computer.

Electronic sticky notes tools comprise a number of useful features that let you efficiently organize your work with notes:
- you can change font, line spacing, align the text, use Bulleted and Numbered lists;
- if necessary, you can easily print and take notes with you;
- arrange sticky notes (cascade, minimize, show, hide);
- organize electronic sticky notes in groups;
- attach files and urls to electronic sticky notes.

When you finish working with the note, you can roll it up or delete it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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