Sticky Notes for PC

Why you need PC sticky notes software

Sticky notes for PC help you write down and organize your ideas, thoughts, quick notes and to-do lists in one place, easily share information with others, stick PC sticky notes and reminders to files, windows and programs, and more...

PC sticky notes

Sticky notes for PC help you fully organize and control your information. Computer sticky notes software makes it easy to write down and organize different kinds of information such as addresses, phone numbers, references, notes, recipes, plan your daily tasks and more...

Use PC sticky notes software to store quick notes and ideas, outlines, projects, reports, to-do lists, personal contacts (addresses, telephone numbers), passwords, client information, research notes, attach quick notes to files and documents, set alarms to remind about important dates and events and more...

Free PC sticky notes

Sticky notes for PC offer an easy and effective way to organize your ideas, quick notes and other important information. Students can use PC sticky notes to write lectures and class notes, plan revisions, make researches and more.

Teachers can use PC sticky notes software to write down and store lecture notes, lesson plans and other information.

How you can use PC sticky notes:
Create PC sticky notes
PC sticky notes customization (font, color, size, transparency, border, background images)
Default PC sticky notes settings
Send PC sticky notes over a LAN/WLAN
Send PC sticky notes over the Internet
Create virtual sticky notes with different priorities
Efficiently organize PC sticky notes on the desktop
Arrange PC sticky notes (cascade, minimize, show, hide)
Edit and format PC sticky notes (supports RTF format, paragraph settings)
Print PC sticky notes
Imports txt and rtf files to PC sticky notes
Save PC sticky notes in txt and rtf formats
Save PC sticky notes as pictures

PC sticky notes - Free PC sticky notes

PC sticky notes software saves your time
Sticky notes for PC save you time, allowing you to keep your notes, web links, addresses, contact information in one place and find them whenever you need. Numerous features allow you to plan daily tasks with higher efficiency.

PC sticky notes software helps you get organized
With sticky notes for PC you will have all your information at your fingertips. sticky notes program help you store your notes, thoughts and ideas in one place to avoid clutter on your desktop

- create PC sticky notes on your desktop with a few clicks
- stick notes to files, programs and windows - that way important ideas will never be lost
- send PC sticky notes instantly over the Internet or a local network
- create reminders
- safely keep PC sticky notes
- customize PC sticky notes
- organize PC sticky notes in groups
- locate PC sticky notes using the advanced search feature
- attach files and urls to PC sticky notes for quick access

You can easily customize PC sticky notes any way you need.

Share PC sticky notes with others
Want to send your ideas to your friends? No problems, PC sticky notes software offers you an easy way to send notes and reminders to other computers over a LAN/WLAN or the Internet.

PC sticky notes software to safely store information
PC sticky notes software provides high information security allowing you to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes.

Never forget an important date again
PC sticky notes software will remind you about daily tasks or special dates and events such as birthdays, anniversaries and business meetings at the appointed time using different alarm actions.

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