Virtual sticky notes

Virtual Sticky Notes

How you can use virtual notes:

Need help organizing your quick notes, phone numbers, addresses and recipes written on paper?
Don't want to lose your information anymore?
Start using virtual sticky notes software to keep all information in one place.
Virtual sticky notes freeware helps you organize virtual notes the way you want - you can include any text information, links, use different fonts, colors.

Download virtual sticky notes for Windows - Download virtual sticky notes freeware

Virtual Sticky Notes software for home
Use virtual sticky notes to:
- keep tracks of daily tasks and events
- Write down quick notes and ideas
- Make todo lists
- Organize addresses, phone numbers, notes, urls, dates, and more...

Virtual Sticky Notes software for work
Use virtual sticky notes software to store and organize addresses, phone numbers, quick notes, research notes, reports, manuals, catalogs, price lists, client info and more...

- Virtual notes software is a perfect tool for communicating with your friends and colleagues. Using virtual notes software you can create virtual sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over LAN or the Internet or in e-mails.

Sticky notes freeware for Windows makes it easy to keep all information you have to remember on the computer desktop.
With sticky notes freeware you can organize information or just write down ideas and thoughts using computer sticky notes. That way important information will never be lost.
Sticky notes freeware for home and office.

Sticky notes freeware

Organizing sticky notes on the desktop
Sticky notes freeware is the best solution for quickly recording information you want to remember without cluttering up your desk with scraps of paper. Computer sticky notes will not clutter up your desk and monitor and disturb your work as you can create sticky notes with different priorities, hide sticky notes or place them on the desktop, show only sticky note's title and use transparency effect.
You can arrange computer sticky notes on your desktop in a cascade or minimize all sticky notes with one simple click.

The position of every sticky note on the screen is changeable.

How you can use virtual sticky notes freeware for Windows

Free virtual sticky notes software is intuitive and easy to use for beginners and at the same moment powerful enough to satisfy the most advanced users.

Efficient way to organize important information on PC desktop
create virtual sticky notes to write down important information
stick virtual notes on your computer desktop
drag and drop virtual sticky notes anywhere you want on your desktop
ability to print virtual notes and take them with you
automatically save changes in virtual sticky notes
Customize virtual sticky notes the way you want
individual appearance for each virtual sticky note
change virtual sticky note's title (color, font, font color)
change virtual sticky note's body (background color, font, font color)
change virtual sticky notes size manually or using zoom feature
set up default settings for newly created virtual notes
transparency feature
edit and format virtual notes
Send virtual sticky notes to other computers
send virtual notes over the Internet
send virtual notes over a LAN/WLAN
Efficiently organize virtual sticky notes on the desktop
create virtual notes with different priorities
show/hide virtual sticky notes
cascade virtual notes
minimize virtual notes
protect virtual notes from casual delete using notes' locking

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