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10 Best Apps to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat for Free

Social media alternatives have exploded in popularity over the years, and leading the charge is Facebook. Currently, Facebook is one of the most revered social networks, all thanks to its state-of-the-art features and integrations.

To give you an idea of how extensive the platform is, a 2022 report places Facebook’s active users at over 2.9 billion people. 

Unfortunately, nefarious activities thrive on Facebook, and the outlook shows that it’ll get worse in the future. Reports of cyberbullying and child sexual exploitation are common on Facebook, with insufficient resources to stem them. 

Therefore, you may have to take some unconventional steps to ensure you control these vices. One effective way is by spying on someone’s Facebook Messenger.

There are legal reasons you can break into someone’s Facebook profile. For instance, parents can use spyware to ensure their kids are safe while using social media applications. 

Also, employers could secretly monitor their workers to ensure they aren’t spending work hours on Facebook. Finally, partners can use Facebook spy applications when the relationship is falling apart, and one individual requires hard evidence against the other. 

Whatever legitimate reasons you might have to spy on someone’s Facebook messages, it’s crucial to use the right software to trawl data without leaving a trace. 

If you’re asking the “is there a way to spy on Facebook Messengers” query, we’ve curated a list of ten spyware options you can consider. 

Ready to learn how to spy on Facebook Messenger for free in 2022? Stay tuned!

List of 10 Free Spy Apps for Facebook Messenger

  1. mSpy
  2. eyeZy
  3. Spyic
  4. SpyBubble
  5. iKeyMonitor
  6. KidsGuard Pro
  7. Pegasus
  8. Google Family Link
  9. XNSPY
  10. Cerberus

The spy apps listed above have no issues working on any device connected to a Facebook profile. However, we must state that some options are better optimized for Android OS while others perform better on an iOS device. 

To help you understand the distinction, we’ve further broken the list down into two segments below:

5 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Without Target Phone for Android


Monitor Facebook Messenger with mSpy7

mSpy is arguably the most popular Facebook spy app for Android phones today. The app backs up the street cred with a slew of nifty monitoring features, including Facebook message tracking. 

If you’re looking for how to spy on Facebook messages free without the phone, mSpy has the perfect answer. Upon mSpy installation on the target cell phone, you’ll remotely gain access to any data available.

You can get mSpy for Android at $48.99 per month for the 1-month plan. The three and twelve-month plans start at $27.99 and $11.66, respectively.



Another excellent Facebook chat spy application you can download on an Android device is iKeyMonitor. This spy app has a decent retinue of tracking features, including call recording, browser tracking, and a Wi-Fi history monitor.

iKeyMonitor’s pricing is cost-effective. Although there’s a free plan available, you’ll need to pay an extra $9.99 for add-ons (3 days worth). If you want to extend usage to a month, you’ll part with $16.66. 


Spyic app8

Spyic is a handy app to consider if you’d like to dig up someone’s Facebook chats without their knowledge. It can also track text messages, calls, and location data so that you can get more information from the target.

The spy app’s price list is dynamic, with three Android plans available. The Basic package starts at $39.99 a month, while the Family plan goes for $69.99 monthly. You could also select the Premium option, which costs $9.99 each month. 

Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is an Android-only application that allows you to monitor someone’s Facebook messages from your Google account. 

The app is free to download, with no hidden fees or add-ons to bother you. 



XNSPY prides itself as a spy application with over forty monitoring functionalities in its résumé. One of them is Facebook message tracking, which is 100% effective and accurate. The function works in real-time and can retrieve deleted Messenger conversations.

If you’d like to buy XNSPY today, there are three plans available: Monthly ($44.99 monthly), Quarterly ($24.99 monthly), and Yearly ($9.99 monthly).

Top 5 Messenger Spy Apps for iPhone


eyeZy Facebook8

If you’d like to see who someone is talking to on Facebook messenger for free, eyeZy is one of the best spyware alternatives available for this endeavor. 

Thanks to its futuristic add-ons, the application lets you trawl Facebook chats from the target phone without detection. 

eyeZy’s subscription for iOS smartphones starts with a one-month plan that costs $47.99 per month. You can go for the three-month package at $27.99 a month or the 12-month option for $9.99 monthly.



SpyBubble is another nifty spy app you can install on an iPhone. This spy application can monitor incoming and outgoing Facebook messages on a target device. It can also broadcast the data remotely so that you can receive notifications about them from anywhere with a web browser. 

You can engage SpyBubble by activating any of these three packages: 1 Month ($49.99 monthly), 3 Months ($27.99 per month), and 12 Months ($11.66 monthly).

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro

Are you a parent looking for a suitable application to spy on your kid’s Facebook messages? KidsGuard Pro is capable, and it works on iOS devices. An interesting detail about the spyware is that it takes only about five minutes to set up. 

Afterward, you get unrestricted access to the Facebook messenger spy app without the target phone.

KidsGuard Pro subscriptions are decent. The 1-month plan starts at $39.95 monthly, while the 1-year package goes for $9.16 monthly. The 3-month plan costs $16.65 monthly. 



Pegasus infiltrates iPhones and tracks photos, videos, and Facebook messages. It collates the retrieved data neatly on a dashboard you can access with a browser. 

It doesn’t require jailbreak or downloads, so you don’t have to worry about the target person catching you going through their Facebook messages.

Pricing for Pegasus is on-demand, and you must open an iPhone tracking account with the developers. They typically have a 24-hour response time. 



Spyware often comes in multifunction packages, and Cerberus is an excellent example of what features you could get to spy on an FB Messenger account. 

The app can track all data points on the target iPhone and doubles as a Facebook Messenger spy application when you need it.

Cerberus offers access to one iOS device for €5 per year, while access for three devices costs €14 yearly. Other subscriptions include a 5-device and 10-device plan for €22.50 and €43 a year, respectively.

If you’ve got over eleven iPhones you’d like to track with Cerberus, reach out to the developer for a quote. It’s worth mentioning that users get a free trial period, making Cerberus a free Facebook Messenger spy app alternative you can trust. 

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat for Free?

Facebook account

Internet users may wonder, “Is there a way to spy on Facebook Messenger?” First, you’d need a capable spy application that lets you monitor an account’s activities without getting detected. 

Typically, the user has to follow specific processes with steps to start using spyware either on Android or iOS.

Below are some of the installation and configuration processes for the most effective and stealthy Android and iOS spy applications today.

How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger for Free: Installation for iPhon

Installing spy applications on an iPhone takes a distinct process, thanks to iOS’s proprietary nature. 

Below are the steps you’d typically follow:

Step 1. Create an Account

The most important step to activating a Facebook spy chat messenger is creating a spyware profile. You can open one by visiting the spy app’s official website and providing your details. 

Some spy applications have a unique account creation process for iPhone tracking, so you might want to look out for that.

Step 2. Choose Device

The website takes you to the device selection page once you’ve successfully opened an account. There, you get to choose the iPhone model you wish to track. Some spy app alternatives may require you to select the iOS version. 

Note: You’d have to provide the iCloud details active on the target device. The spyware needs this device information to help you log into someone’s messages remotely and in real-time.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

If you’ve chosen a paid spyware package, you will get directed to the subscription page, where you’d prefer a plan. Free spy apps for Facebook Messenger may also have a similar page, imploring you to get a free trial.

Once you’ve picked a suitable pricing plan, choose a payment option and pay for a subscription. You should get a confirmation email for the transaction afterward.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

All that’s left is to log in to your unique spy account and monitor Facebook messages on the target iPhone. You can log in from any location, as long as there’s Internet access and a working browser to boot.

Most spy apps typically organize the collected data on a dashboard for your ease of reference.

See Who Someone Is Talking to on Facebook Messenger for Free: Installation for Android

Android devices have a slightly different installation guideline for spyware applications from their iOS counterparts. Below are the crucial steps you must note:

Step 1. Create an Account 

If you’d like to trawl through someone’s Android phone for their Facebook messages, you’d need a spy app account to get started. For instance, mSpy is a spy app that requires you to visit its official website and create a new tab with your details. 

NOTE: You may have to choose an account type specific to Android smartphones, as apps like mSpy have multi-platform support

Step 2. Choose Device & Download mSpy

Once you have an account on the spyware platform, the next step is picking the device model you’d like to monitor. On mSpy, there’s an extensive list of Android smartphone models, and your target device is likely on it. 

Next, follow the link on the page to download the mSpy app. You can install the app on the target device once the download is complete.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Some of the best spyware available are paid selections, and you’d have to choose a pricing tier after the download and Installation. However, you may skip this step if you’ve downloaded a spy app whose Facebook Messenger tracker is free.

If you’ve chosen mSpy, choose an alternative from the multiple subscription options and make payment from your credit card. 

Once you’ve paid, you get a confirmation email for the transaction shortly afterward.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

You can start tracking someone’s Facebook messages with mSpy once you’ve activated a subscription. mSpy immediately sends you the activation code with which you can log in to your dashboard. 

You get to receive tracking updates on the target’s secret conversations they’ve had on Facebook and those they’ve deleted. All the spied data gets arranged in an intuitive menu for convenience.


Facebook is a vast social media network whose user base keeps getting broader. Unfortunately, the sheer growth has also brought a rise in suspicious activities. The fact that most of these actions are untraceable makes the situation more dangerous.

What options do you have to protect yourself from the scourge of sketchy Facebook profiles? Spying on their Facebook messages is a great way to stay in control.

Whether it’s to keep your kids in line on the Internet, discreetly track friends or dig up rock-solid evidence on a cheating partner, you might have legitimate reasons to monitor someone’s Facebook messages. 

However, it’s vital that you use the correct application to get the information without getting detected.

We’ve gone to great lengths to outline some of the best spy apps you can get on the web. Additionally, we’ve included steps to installing typical spy applications on whatever smartphone the target might be using at the time.

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