How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Messages With an Instagram Spy Tool?

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, allowing you to express yourself through multimedia like pictures and video. The platform is excellent for connecting with people; both teens and adults enjoy the fascinating features it offers.

Although Instagram has multiple advantages, there are several downsides to the app use. If your kids are fast becoming teenagers, there’s a chance you’ve bought them a couple of gadgets – including smartphones – over the years. 

With a phone and Internet connection, many teenagers see Instagram as one of the best options to facilitate social exchanges. However, underaged kids risk being preyed on online, and you might want to monitor their online activities to ensure their safety 24/7.

Besides your child’s safety, many cases of infidelity in relationships stem from Instagram use. Perhaps, you suspect your partner is having a virtual affair and would like rock-solid information on their activities.

How do you get the respite you need? It’s simple. Instagram spy applications. 

This detailed article will help you understand Instagram spy apps and how to use them to monitor someone’s Instagram account remotely and stealthily.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Should I Spy on an Instagram Account? Significant Reasons to Consider 

insta story

Instagram spying involves gathering confidential data about someone without them knowing. 

Although many people frown on this activity, remember that spying differs from hacking, and monitoring-related actions have helped many families and relationships.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons to spy on Instagram:

  • Parental Control

We’re in the digital age, and kids are quick to master the complex world of technology and digitization. You’d be surprised at what some teenagers can do on their computers in the comfort of their homes. 

If your child uses Instagram, and you’re wondering how to safeguard them from unsolicited direct messages, cyberbullying, and virtually all forms of online attacks – wonder no more. Instagram spy tools are here to save the day! 

You can easily use an Instagram spy tool to track your kid’s Instagram activity remotely. Thus, you won’t have to distract your kids by taking their phones frequently. 

  • Business Efficiency

Online presence and marketing are the backbones of many businesses’ success, and you’ll find thousands of brands marketing their crafts on Instagram. 

As a business owner, you might have to grant some employees access to your company’s official Instagram account.

But how do you know if they are not doing something else while there? Remember, your company or brand’s integrity is at risk if any nefarious activity makes its way to the official Instagram page. 

So, it’d be best to monitor your staff’s online activities, and you can do so with an Instagram spy app. 

  • Infidelity in Relationship

Is your partner addicted to Instagram? Do you wonder what keeps them amused and on there for long hours? You’re not alone. 

Many people find themselves in a similar situation. And the best way to know for sure what your partner is up to on Instagram is via an Instagram spy app. 

Now, you can know if they’re seeing someone else or if their constant giggles stem from funny videos online. 

Having listed some of the advantages of monitoring Instagram accounts, I’ll walk you through what spying on someone else’s direct messages entails and how to go about it.

How to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Account: A Complete Guide

Instagram security

There are several ways available to spy on someone’s Instagram account, and it gets as easy as peeping into someone’s phone when they are on Instagram to see who they’re talking to or what they are doing. 

However, that’s a short-term and less effective spying method. Once you get noticed, the Instagram user will be more careful and adopt measures preventing you from prying into their affairs. 

Interestingly, there are better ways to achieve your aim, and they include:

Instagram Account Hacking Online Tools

Inserting the “Instagram account hacking online tools” query into the Google search bar is bound to yield a lot of results. Typically, these applications will offer you a 70% to 90% chance of success. 

Although this success percentage is decent, real-world usage isn’t feasible. These apps are mere props set up to get unsuspecting persons to subscribe. They imitate the process of the regular Instagram spy application but can’t replicate their results. 

In conclusion, this option is a waste of time and money. You’d be better off investing your funds elsewhere. 

Creating a Fake Instagram Account 

This medium is one of the popular ways to spy on Instagram accounts, and it’s cost-effective. 

However, there’s a limit to the amount of information you can extract. 

If you wish to follow this path to monitor an Instagram account, ensure you make the phony profile look real enough. 

You can open a burner account and flood it with some art content or motivational posts.

The goal is for your fake account to look original and make your target feel secure when they hit the “follow back” icon on your profile. 

If your target doesn’t operate a private profile, you’ll see their likes, comments, and followers. Note that you can’t spy on Instagram DMs with a fake account. 

Social Engineering

Social engineering involves human interactions, meaning you’d have to gear up as it may take a while before extracting the required information. This option refers to adopting techniques to persuade your target to divulge specific information or perform a particular action.

Using social engineering, you can be best friends with your kid, employer, or spouse. Make them comfortable with you and see you as someone they can trust. 

As you gain their trust, ask some questions and get the information you require.

Remember, this strategy doesn’t guarantee success. However, it’s more promising and effective than the previous Instagram monitoring technique. 

If your target is bright, you’ll get blocked once your actions raise suspicion.

Using Instagram Spy Apps

Of the various mediums you can employ to spy on Instagram accounts, spy apps are the most effective. If you want to know how to see someone else’s direct messages on Instagram, an Instagram spy tool is the answer. 

To get started, access the target’s phone once to install the spy application. 

Following successful installation, you’re now to spy on Instagram DMs with no verification required. 

Besides direct messages, a top-tier Instagram spy tool will also grant you access to the target’s profile details, activities, and usage time. Thus, Instagram spy applications are the ultimate solution if you’re wondering how to spy on Instagram.

How to Choose an Instagram Spy App?

Selecting the ideal Instagram spy application can be difficult, especially if you have little knowledge about spy apps. Before you subscribe to any spy app, you’d want to ensure the application is reliable and offers the features you require for seamless monitoring.

Besides functionality, affordability and support are also crucial. You don’t want to pay for a service you could’ve gotten for free on another spy app and still suffer poor customer service support. 

If you’re looking for a dependable app to see Instagram DMs, you’re in luck. Read on to explore our best picks and how they compare against each other. 

Best Instagram Spy App Options in 2022

Now that you know spy apps are your best bet if you’re looking to monitor someone’s Instagram activity, here are some of the best Instagram spy apps to consider:

  1. mSpy
  2. eyeZy 
  3. FlexiSPY
  4. Nexspy
  5. Umobix


#1: mSpy

#2: eyeZy

#3: FlexiSPY

#4: Nexspy

#5: Umobix


$11.66 monthly

$9.99 monthly

$29.95 monthly

$39 monthly

$49.99 monthly

Range of Features

Manage calls, track text messages, read messaging apps, track GPS location, control apps and programs, screen recorder, view multimedia files, monitor Internet activity, read emails, access contacts and calendar

Keystroke capture, social spotlight, pinpoint, plans breaker, files finder, web magnifier, connection blocker, magic alerts, phone analyzer, invisible shield, Friendly Installer

Call logs, SMS messages, social media chats, keylogger, installed applications, multimedia files, remote upgrades, SIM changed notification, RemVid, RemCam, environment recording, spycall, spoof SMS

Monitor phone calls, read text messages, view messaging apps, track GPS location, record key logs, emails, calendar, and notes, monitor Internet activity, control apps and programs, view multimedia files, get additional system information

Call history, text messages, social apps, GPS location tracker, access to streaming, view deleted info, monitor browser, restrict applications, block WiFi, disable messages, and regulate data storage

OS Supported

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Android, iPhone, iPad, and Computers

Android and iOS

Android and iOS

Ease of Use

Customer Support

Live chat, email, and phone

Live chat, email, and phone

Live chat and email


Live chat, email, and phone

How to Spy on Instagram Direct Messages for Free?

insta dm

From the list of the best Instagram spy apps iterated in this article, you can compare some of the significant features of every app. If you’re indecisive about the spy apps, I’d recommend subscribing to the mSpy service as it has more features and offers excellent value for money.

However, are spy applications free?

Most spy apps offer free trials to allow you to try out limited features of the application. If you choose mSpy and are not satisfied with its features, keep in mind that the spyware has a solid refund policy that guarantees your refund within 10 days. 

An alternative way to use an Instagram spy application for free is by installing one via torrents. Although this is an ideal route to use spy apps for free, you’ll encounter issues like a lack of updates that would lead to malfunctions.

If you’re still interested in using spy apps for free, you can try waiting for holiday periods. 

How does this apply to spy apps? During holidays, spy applications usually deliver decent discounts of up to 90%. 

Subscribing during this time frame will see the actual subscription package reduce significantly, allowing you to key into a spying service without spending much.

How to Install an Instagram Spy App on the Target Phone?

Although Instagram spy applications might seem like software curated by the gods, these applications adopt a seamless installation procedure. Using mSpy as an example, let’s see how spy app installation pans out on iOS and Android devices.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide for iPhone

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install a spy app on an iPhone:

Step 1. Create an mSpy Account 

Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

Visit mSpy’s official website to create an account on your chosen browser. Now, insert your email address. Agree to the site’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to continue. 

Step 2. Purchase a Subscription Package

Mspy Step 3. Choose Your Plan (1)8

After registration, purchase a subscription package that tallies your spying endeavor. Make a payment with the available channels.

Step 3. Install the Software Remotely

mSpy choose target phone

Once you’ve made a successful payment, log into your mSpy dashboard and enter the target’s iCloud logins. 

Upon insertion, you’ll see the SMS, calls, social media chats, and GPS location of the target iPhone.

It’s that easy!

Detailed Installation Guide for Android Smartphones

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to install a spy app on an Android device:

Step 1. Create an Account

Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

Head to the mSpy site and click on “TRY NOW.” Insert your email address on the page that appears to create a unique mSpy profile.

Step 2. Install the mSpy Application

mSpy install5

Unlike iPhones, you must access the target Android to install the mSpy application. You can swing into action when your kid or spouse isn’t looking and install mSpy without hassles.

Step 3. View Instagram DMs

mSpy Demo DM

Once you’ve installed mSpy onto the target’s Android, you can track their Instagram DMs 24/7. Log into your Control Panel to see things as they unfold!


One can’t be too careful as a parent or guardian in this digital era. As beneficial as Instagram and other social media platforms are, they pose credible threats to our lives in some ways. 

If your children are always on Instagram and you wish to look out for them, we strongly recommend using a spy tool like mSpy to track their Instagram accounts.

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