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Sticky notes freeware

Sticky notes freeware for Windows offers you an easy way to keep all your thoughts, quick notes, web links, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in one place. Whether you need to create a to-do list, plan daily tasks or organize recipes, sticky notes freeware provides you with everything you need.
Sticky notes:
› create sticky notes to keep information at your fingertips
› efficiently organize sticky notes on your desktop
› send sticky notes over a local network
› send sticky notes over the Internet
› customize sticky notes any way you need
› edit and format sticky notes
› print sticky notes
Send sticky notes over a LAN or the Internet

Want to share your ideas with others?

Use free sticky notes software you can easily communicate with your friends and colleagues.

You can create sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over a LAN or the Internet.

Sticky notes will appear on the recipient's desktop just as they were on yours. If necessary, you can send sticky notes.

Free sticky notes to organize information
No matter what kind of information you need to keep and manage, sticky notes freeware has everything you need in one place. With sticky notes freeware you can write down ideas and thoughts in a quick and easy way using desktop notes (desktop stickies), save all information such as web links, addresses, phone numbers, catalogs, to-do lists, price lists, etc in one place, categorize and organize your information, and more. Friendly user interface lets you start using free sticky notes within minutes.

Free Notes software

Sticky Notes for Windows

Write down ideas and thoughts in a quick and easy way using desktop notes (desktop stickies)
Free Sticky Notes software allows you to create computer sticky notes to keep all information you have to remember on your PC desktop.
Friendly user interface lets you start using the sticky note program within minutes.
Sticky notes automatically save all changes as soon as they occurred. So there is no need to save your notes manually.

Individual visual appearance for each sticky note
The appearance of virtual sticky notes is highly customizable. Your sticky notes can have different colors, fonts and sizes.
Changing the sticky note size
You can change desktop notes size using zoom commands or manually.
Title and note customization

Set up default settings for newly created desktop notes
Default title properties: font color, background color, font.
Default note properties: font color, background color, font, size, priority, transparency.
Send sticky notes
Sending sticky notes over LAN/Internet
You can use send and receive sticky notes.
To send sticky notes over a LAN or the Internet:
• Select the sticky note you want to send.
• Select 'Send note' from the menu.
• Enter the recipient computer IP address or computer's name to direct a note to a specific computer.
• Click the 'Send' button.
Efficiently organize sticky notes (stickies) on the desktop
You can drag-and-drop your sticky notes anywhere on the desktop.
You can create desktop notes with different priority levels (high, standard, low) to make your work more convenient. Desktop notes with a low priority are hidden under other windows. Desktop notes with a standard priority are organized to keep standard Windows order. Desktop notes with a high priority are always on the top.
Desktop sticky notes (stickies) with different priorities (high, standard, low)
Show/Hide desktop sticky notes
Minimize sticky notes

Protect sticky notes from a casual delete using lock and unlock commands
You can protect desktop sticky notes from the casual delete using the lock command.

Print sticky notes (stickies)
You can easily print computer sticky notes and take them with you.

Export and import your sticky notes
Using export and import feature you can easily export/import sticky notes from one version to another or between different PCs.

Some commonly used commands (e.g. create a new sticky note, show/hide sticky notes, etc.) are supported by hotkeys. You can use the hotkeys from any application. Using the 'Default settings' you can define your own hotkeys combinations.

Free Sticky Notes software - Sticky Notes program - Desktop Notes Software

Free Notes software
FREE Desktop Notes program offers you an easy way to keep all information you have to remember on the computer desktop. Using desktop sticky notes software you can organize information or just write down ideas and thoughts using sticky notes. That way important information will never be lost.
With desktop notes (free notes software) for home and office you can create, edit and print desktop notes (desktop stickies) using different fonts and colors; easily export/import notes database from one version to another or between different desktop sticky notes; accelerate your work using hotkeys and protect desktop notes (stickies) from casual deleting using lock command. Various desktop notes settings including default settings can be modified to your preference. All sticky notes are saved automatically. Notes titles display the date and time of creation.
The program's icon resides in the Windows system tray menu for quick and easy access to all sticky notes and program features. Ability to create sticky notes with different priorities, hide notes or place them on the desktop, hide note's body and use transparency effect allows organize your desktop the way you want it.

Desktop Notes Software - Desktop Notes program - Sticky Notes program

FREE Desktop Notes software (Free Notes for Windows) allows you to create desktop notes to keep all information you have to remember on the computer desktop.

Why desktop notes software is better than paper sticky notes
Is your desktop cluttered with different memos making it impossible to find the necessary one?
Would you like to remember your friends' phone numbers, birthday dates, etc. but it seems impossible to remember all informatoon?
Are you scared that someone can see your notes without asking for your permission?
If you need to organize notes and documents and easily manage your personal information, Desktop Notes software is just what you need!

Desktop Sticky Notes (Stickies for Windows)
Desktop sticky notes software lets you stick notes on your Windows desktop. Jotting down ideas and thoughts has never been easier. You can customize desktop notes (stickies) any way you want: change colors and size, choose fonts, set up the default settings.
Desktop sticky notes software (stickies software) is a perfect tool for communicating with your friends and colleagues. Using desktop notes software you can create sticky notes and send them to your friends and colleagues over a LAN or the Internet or via e-mail.
Desktop notes (stickies) will not clutter your desktop and disturb your work as you can organize desktop notes in groups, create notes with different priorities, hide notes or place them on the desktop, show only note's title and use transparency effect that allows organize your desktop the way you want it.
Sticky notes software enables quick and easy access to files and urls that are attached to notes. You can open web pages, files and run programs just by double-clicking on them.
Desktop notes software allows you to stick notes (stickies) to any files, programs and windows you want. So, whenever you open the program, file or window, the desktop sticky note will remind you everything you have to remember.
Using the search option you can quickly find sticky notes with necessary information.
Using the duplicate notes feature you can easily duplicate notes (desktop stickies).

Sticky notes software (stickies software) is perfect for making quick reminders which will inform you about the approaching dates and events and other important matters without interrupting your work. You can set an alarm for each sticky note. Because of the recurring alarm reminders can be set to occur as often as you want. Reminder notes also keep you informed of the events you missed when the computer was turned off.

Security & Data Safety
Sticky Notes software (desktop notes program) stores all information in a safe and secure manner creating auto backups. AutoBackup option protects your desktop notes from system failures and lets your revert to an older version of your notes when necessary.

How you can use Desktop Notes Software

You can use Sticky Notes software as a Notes Organizer, Notes Manager, Document Manager, Personal Information Organizer (PIM), URL Organizer, To-do List, Contact Manager, Phone Book, Password Keeper. Sticky Notes software saves your time, allowing you to keep and manage your notes, documents, dates, phone numbers, addresses, urls, hyperlinks, passwords in a safe and secure manner

Desktop Sticky Notes Software

• Advanced desktop sticky notes (desktop stickies) customization
Text Editing - Supports RTF format. Title templates.
Sticky Notes appearance - Sticky Notes customization: title (caption) customization (background color, font), body customization (background color, font, using images as background), size customization (manually, zoom feature), transparency, using *.jpg, *.bmp files as sticky note's background.

• Organize information in a very convenient form - sticky notes / sticky notes groups (memoboards), three note's priority levels (high level - "Always on the top", standard level - "Standard Windows order", low level - "On the bottom"), show/hide sticky notes options, "Title only" function.

• Quick Reminders - Add alarms to desktop sticky notes (popup/flash note notification; playing music files; running programs; opening web pages and documents at a specified time; computer shutting down).

• Task&Event scheduler

• Send desktop notes (stickies) over LAN and Internet

• Search through your desktop notes

• Data export and import option

• Associate desktop sticky notes with files/programs/windows.

• Attach program/url feature allows you to launch programs or open windows/ urls that are related to desktop notes information.

• Desktop Sticky Notes Expiration.

• Import files to desktop notes (stickies).

• Save desktop notes in *.txt, *.rtf formats and as pictures in *.jpg and *.bmp formats.

• Desktop Sticky Notes autobackup.

•  Automatic URL and e-mail address recognition.

• Duplicate Desktop Sticky Notes (stickies).

• Recycle Bin to restore desktop notes (stickies).

• All sticky notes (stickies) contain information about time of creation.

Note taking software for your desktop Sticky notes

Free Desktop Notes software - Desktop Sticky Notes Freeware - Desktop Notes Software - Sticky Notes program

Desktop Notes - Free Sticky Notes software - Free Sticky Notes - free stickies for desktop

• How you can use sticky notes

You can use sticky notes to write a to-do list, jot down a phone number, address, wen link or other quick information.
Some sticky notes tools allow you to setup alarms to remind you about upcoming dates and events. In case of the scheduler option you can set up alarms on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.
Sticky notes help you to organize and prioritize your daily tasks.
Some sticky notes programs not only help you quickly write down information and keep it on you desktop but make it easy to share your notes with others.

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